Photography isn't just clicking a button, there is much more that goes into it and you want to make sure that you are hiring someone who is not just passionate about what they do but someone who is experienced and has the qualifications and equipment necessary to provide you with an outstanding experience and yield amazing results. Well, all of that is me, I am experienced, qualified and very passionate about creating beautiful timeless portraits that stand the test of time. Photos you can look upon for years to come and still feel the love in that moment, the wonder and joy, the playfulness too or just simply be proud of.

I originally started my whole journey with studying Psychology. I always knew I wanted to work with people and only thought Photography could be my hobby. But when I was two thirds through my degree Covid come in, which changed my perspective on what I loved to do and what was important to me, so I swapped out my Psychology degree to immerse myself in the wonderful world of Photography.

I had done photography before and it's always been a passion but I made the leap to do this as my profession. I have spent many hours studying Photography through The Photography Institute, acquiring my Diploma of Digital Photography, as well as advanced unit of Wedding Photography. I still actively engage in learning and continue to educate myself as I love learning and I strive to provide the best service possible for my beautiful clients.

girl with long hair walking in field on canola on sunset in white dress with tattoos

My Approach to Photography

I am a mother to many children and I come from a big family myself. I am a people person, an avid lover of animals, cooking, travelling and of course photography! I have always been passionate about photography since I was a child and for me capturing the beauty in every moment, even the most mundane of moments, is what I live for. I love playing with lighting and letting the moments just happen.

I don't just stick to one type of photography, I am here to capture it all and I work WITH my clients to create magical Portraits! Whether it's a family portrait session, your very special wedding day, your cute (probably sometimes naughty) pets, or maybe you are wanting something a little more serious like a professional session. The joy of it is that it's your photo session, so let's make it something you want.

I am a communicator, I like to be able to keep the lines of communication open with my clients so they feel free to ask lots of questions and as they pop up, that way they know they aren't in this on their own, they know that they are heard and that I am here to help guide them to where they want to be.

I am also someone who realises that things rarely go to plan, children don't sit still or do what their told sometimes and yes - Life happens, and sometimes it's just messy and unscripted but it is still so beautiful and I love to capture it all, the ups the downs and in between. And if any of my clients are worried about being in front of the camera that's fine too, we'll work through all that together.

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